Resurrection Life Family Ministries "RLFM" began in March 2003 as a Sunday afternoon bible study for Domestic Violence (HEARTS) class members who didn't have a church affiliation. One year later, inspired by the Holy Spirit, Pastor Pollie Barnet Johnson and Minister Samuel Johnson along with 23 believers decided to turn the gathering into a more formal assembly. 

RLFM served the community as an outreach center for victims of Domestic Violence and Chemical Dependency while providing free GED and Pretrial Diversion programs.


Our Domestic Violence, Chemical Dependency Intervention and Pretrial Diversion programs served more than 868 clients. Our GED program provided placement testing and tutoring for more than 250 clients. 

During the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina RLFM, through collaborations with Neighbors Keepers, housed 35 evacuees providing recovering assistance while helping to provide the essential day-to-day needs.

In 2008 RLFM served as host to "Operation Store Pride". Under the direction of EBR Parish Mayor/President Kip Holden and BRPD Chief of Police Jeff LeDuff the residents and business owners of Melrose-East Community walked through the neighborhood engaging the community.  

Through prayers, continued collaborations and your support, we will continue to rendered love, support and christian services to the local and surrounding community.


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